Nail products

Nail conditioners

Nail conditioners are part of the basics of nail care. They make the manicure last longer and look more impressive. We offer strengthening and regenerating conditioners for weak and brittle nails, and other for accelerating nail growth and improving nail condition. We also sell conditioners designed to soften the cuticles around your nails, to give your nails gloss or to stop you biting them. The selection is vast, with different products suited to different problems.


Hybrid polishes + products

Hybrid polish allows you to perform a professional manicure, providing long-lasting colour and shine. We also offer supplementary products:

  • Cleaner – to degrease the nails
  • colourless base for colour polish-gel (BASE)
  • coloured hybrid polish
  • TOP for hybrid polish

Nail polishes

The majority of our nail polishes are enriched with special substances, allowing you to achieve a manicure you can enjoy for longer. They are offered in various colours, giving you an unlimited selection of shades in which to paint your nails, and providing you with unique, lasting properties at an affordable price.